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Recruiting is Sales

I studied civil engineering, and I began my career as a software engineer. I worked in India, the Middle East, and the USA, and I have traveled to several countries (Asia, North America, Europe, and South America). I received an MBA, became a certified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist, and started Global Tech & Resources, Inc. to make a difference in the world. For the last 14 years, I have been helping customers find the right person for the right job at the right time. I help job seekers transition into cloud computing from traditional IT jobs. I had used several systems and worked with various recruiters, and still I thought there was a void in this recruiting/hiring arena. In my opinion, most companies think that recruiting is different than sales.   What does recruiting have to do with sales? Companies invest/spend most of their money, time, and resources in […]

Repeatable Successful Hires: Right Person Right Job Right Time!

Broken systems are no fun! A hiring system that doesn’t get the right people ‘onboard’ messes up everyone’s day. To make better hires, do you need to develop better ‘gut feelings’? Is your intuition lacking? Probably not. Without a system built to handle multiple repeatable hires, life becomes awful. Going to work is no fun. The people you hire leave, you hire more replacements, and they leave. You do have a repeatable system– just not one that gives you what you want. Successful multiple hires require a disciplined process. Whatever works for getting the right people into your culture, can you replicate that process with many hires? How do you Source, Qualify, Interview, and Onboard, so that you get successful results over and over, again and again? It won’t be by intuition and gut feel, not if you’re scaling and growing; and not, if you need to make many hires quickly. Sourcing […]

Right Hiring? The Problem and the RPaaS Solution

Hiring Right? We’ve solved the problem! “After studying civil engineering, I worked in four countries as a software engineer, got my MBA, became Salesforce certified, and started GTR. I’ve gotten to make a difference by helping people obtain meaningful productive work.” Since 2000, I’ve helped employers find the right person for the right job at the right time. For job seekers, I assisted, as they transitioned from traditional IT jobs into Cloud Computing jobs. As match maker, I’ve used recruiting/hiring systems and worked with many recruiters. My conclusion: good matches aren’t made, as often as they could be. The recruiting and hiring arena is missing something! The problem? Most companies treat Recruiting different than Sales. Great companies invest in a CRM, spend time coaching salespeople, and create seamless processes to acquire and onboard right fitting customers– customers that will stick with them. Why don’t we do the same to acquire and onboard right fitting employees? It […]

What are You Doing to Find Needed Skills?

Whether concerned about the skill sets of your staff, or your own skills, it takes work to keep skills current. Never-mind, try predicting what you will need tomorrow! What skills are you having a difficult time keeping current? What skill sets is your company having difficulty filling? Is it easier to find outside people with the needed skills, or retrain existing staff? According to GTR’s more recent Job Intelligence Report, “the demand for Salesforce.com CRM developers is very high. It will be even higher for the next few years due to high demand for Salesforce.com applications development. According to a recent study, the Salesforce.com application development platform is better, faster and easier, when compared with Oracle, IBM or Microsoft Cloud Platforms.” The above referenced report says, Salesforce CRM skills are: 63% more in demand than “Business Requirements Gathering Skills” 53% more in demand than Structured Query Language (SQL) 52% more […]