Is your system helping you to hire the right people?

Velu Palani once ran a high tech staffing firm. He got tired of choices between high cost solutions and bad applicant tracking systems . So, Velu designed his own app: RPaaS – Recruiting Platform as a Service.

How do these issues affect your ability to hire successfully?

  1. How close are interviewee skills to your job descriptions?
  2. How responsive is your applicant tracking system?
  3. In what ways are non-standardized evaluations putting you at Dept of Labor compliance risk?
  4. What are the missed opportunities caused by poorly shared hiring data?
  5. Why keep an applicant tracking system that doesn’t help you hire the right people?

The RPaaS Platform makes your entire hiring process more efficient.

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Phenomenal App to drive a proper match of Candidates to Open Positions!

“I saw a demo this morning and here are my first reactions: 1. UI is clean, well-organized and has a clear flow 2. It is very apparent in viewing the demo that a great deal of thought, research, user-consideration and process was behind the evolution of this app 3. It is built with capabilities for both Partner and Customer Users” …More


Jen Nelson

Solutions Architect Salesforce MVP Salesforce Chicago Suburban User Group Leader

Find applicants in a sea of job searchers.

Ensure that they have skills & certifications.

Assign evaluators to ask the right questions.

Successfully manage the entry of new workers.

RPaaS has a very easy User Interface

““I installed this app a few days ago and I can very well say that it has a very easy User Interface, which allows user to be really efficient in searching candidates through keywords, and gives accurate results. It provides mail notification on every stage during the evaluation. It also display jobs on site for candidates to apply online” …More


Akash Maheshwari


Every month, Global Tech & Resources (GTR) delivers new RPaaS features. We respond to customer issues and ideas with improved functionality.

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Solid, consistent, knowledgeable service.

““I’ve been working with GTR for several years now on a variety of projects — from training to development. I’ve been pleased with their service and commitment to helping me achieve my goals with Salesforce. Highly recommended” …More


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